Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, August 1, 2011

All about Ciaran!

Ciaran lost his FIRST TOOTH today! He is the first of the boys to lose a tooth. It was very wiggly all weekend. Today we went to the beach and he came out of the water and started talking. All of a sudden Colin says "Ciaran, what the heck happened to your tooth?" (I know not the best of things to say) Ciaran had no clue it had come out in the ocean. So, our first tooth is lost at sea. He said he would write her a note but I took a hint from a blogger friend and we sent the Tooth Fairy a text telling her he lost his tooth!

He asked for Hot Tamales and a dollar. Frank just ran out to get him the candy.

Here is a classic Ciaran story from the weekend. Sunday we were up at the beach. Frank had built some structure with them involving a tunnel and a bridge. Nothing fancy but pretty cool. There were two boys sitting near us. They started playing around and one of them purposely destroyed their structure. My kids didn't really get upset. They said it wasn't nice he did it but I said "no big deal. We can rebuild". These boys were about 7 I would say. Well, one of the boys had built an "arena". Ciaran knew it was his. Ciaran NEVER said a word. Ciaran was nice as pie when we rebuilt the ruined structure. Ciaran acted like it was no big deal. Fast forward about an hour. I am watching Ciaran. He is walking ever so slowly along the beach (I WISH I had it on video!) and he casually gets closer to this kids "arena". Without missing a beat and almost stealth like his little foot knocked down the "arena" in one quick stomp of the foot. If you know Ciaran this is Classic Ciaran. No one gets over on him. Ever. The big kid through himself on the ground and started screaming crying like he was a two year old. The father says to him "well, really, what did you expect? You knocked theirs down." I told Ciaran it was not nice to do it but man was I so secretly proud of him! I always say Ciaran is the kid you do not want to mess with. He thinks and plots his plan of action. I love that little toothless boy!

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