Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

They really get it..

Spending the summer on the beach means extra time for Cormac without his implants. He doesn't really mind being without them when it involves water. I let him where them when he is just playing in the sand away from the breaking waves. What I have witnessed is such a wonderful sight to see. Ciaran and Colin have become his "ears". I have overheard Colin telling a friend they met "we are triplets. His name is Cormac and he is deaf but has cochlear implants. Make sure he is looking at you when you talk to him so he can read your lips and then he will just answer you." So cute to hear them explain it to other children.

Today while they were in the water I had to keep getting them to move back over in front of me since they kept drifting. I must have kept saying "Ciaran, Colin come back over here." A lady sitting next to us says "What is the thirds one's name? I only hear you calling two" I never even realized I didn't call him. His brothers automatically tap him in the shoulder and tell him. I don't even have to ask them. I explained to the lady he was deaf in the water without his implants.

It's never great when you child cannot hear when it involves a large body of water but we really seem to have a nice rhythm. I am so blessed Ciaran and Colin are just such awesome, caring and loving brothers. When they find something on the beach they never leave him out if he is missed something. They run over to him and get his attention and show him what they found. If a plane or helicopter flies over they always point it out to him so he can see it.

To say I am proud of them does not do it justice. Time and again I realize his brothers are his greatest teachers, his best friends and such amazing little people.


The Brights said...

I just love reading your blog! Your kiddos are sooo precious and too awesome.

I always wonder how long it will take Tayten's brother (2.5) to finally "get it." Currently, if I tell Terren that Tayten doesn't have his CIs on, he'll sign Tayten, with much expression, which is great, but he does it usually when they're on different floors or in different rooms of the house...

Kari Gates said...

so sweet, really do have incredible little boys! What a blessing!