Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A day to remember

I went to talk to the boys class today about Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids. After posting on Facebook for suggestions on what information to share I decided to follow Melanie's advice and let Cormac and Ciaran speak for themselves. This morning now goes down in the books as one of those moments you always want to remember.

Ciaran went first and said he wears hearing aids "to help him hear better". He wanted to show his class how the battery door opened and what the battery looked like. He walked around the carpet and made sure everyone saw it. He told them "when it beeps once it's working and lots of beeps means it's time for a new battery". He could not have said it better and was so very excited.

Cormac went next and stood up next to me and said "I have Cochler Implants because I am deaf. See, these are them. (pointing to his ears). When I was born I couldn't hear but now I can hear. When my magnets are on I can hear when they are off I can't." (He was demonstrating) He also showed how the processors blink green when they are working and he said "if you see red I can't hear you". Then pointed to my necklace (It a spiral that looks like a cochlea)
and said "this is what the inside of your ear looks like and that is what doesn't work in my ears"

Cormac also explained that lots of noise makes it harder for him to hear so being quiet when the teacher talks is helpful and that is why he wears the FM system.

Colin said "my ears work just fine but it's cool my brothers have cool stuff on their ears"

The kids asked a few questions and checked out all the "cool" equipment.

To have such well adjusted, proud and happy kids was always my goal. Today, I think I realized they are just that. They were PROUD to show everyone why they were "different" and don't think of it as something to be upset by but choose to share it. I could not have explained things better myself. I love those kids more than anything. It's overwhelming how much emotion I feel when they are making me so proud.

I, of course, left the class and called Frank and was crying like a baby. But they were tears of joy so it's all good. Frank was so happy to know it went so well and he said "they weren't born that way. They learned that from you". Frank scored some brownie points...


Kat said...

I'm in absolute tears, of joy though. I hope that one day that Thomas will be as proud of his technology as your boys are today! And, their words to express themselves was simply awesome! No other word can be used...simply awesome!

leah said...

I love it! We are going to talk to Nolan's class when they do a unit on the 5 senses. He doesn't have a very big class, so we thought we would let the other kids listen through the stethoset (cleaning it with alcohol each time) so they could hear what hearing aids sound like. I like the way the kids speak for themselves - I think I'll have Nolan lead the discussion!