Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Cormac and Ciaran had their evaluations last week by the Psychologist which is part of the IEP process.  The purpose is to "assess cognitive, social and emotional and adaptive functioning"

The report on each of them was three pages long and very interesting.  Both of the reports were very similar. 

Below is a bit of what he said about Cormac.  Not the sentence in italics.  Could this make me any happier?  All the years of hard work have paid off...
He was easily engaged in and took great interest in testing items.  He was very curious and verbal throughout.  He talked a lot about his brothers, his school, and his family with great excitement.  He impressed me as a happy, inquisitive youngster who really enjoys his school and home experiences. Cormac is a happy child who verbalized a lot during evaluation. Cormac demonstrates equally well-developed itellectual ability on both verbal tasks which involve use of language and on non -verbal tasks which involove non-verbal spatial and sequential congitive ability.

Below is a bit of what he said about Ciaran.
Ciaran "was curious about many of the test items as we worked together. Ciaran greatly enjoyed the evaluation process and frequently wanted to interact with and talk with the examiner.  He impressed me as a very happy youngster who is interested in exploring his home and school environment. Ciaran demonstrates higher level  of intellectual ability on verbal tasks which involove the use of language than he does on non-verbal tasks which involve non verbal visual spatial and sequential cognitive ability.  It is important to note that his non verbal abilities are still in the High Average Range.

So both of my children with hearing loss are testing in the 96% for VERBAL IQ.  That means only 4% of children their age (HEARING CHILDREN) would score higher than them.  I am pretty thrilled with these results.

Cormac's results kind of go along with what his TOD for over 3 years said about him.  She felt he was a verbal learned but just happened to be deaf.  So, his brain adjusted to be a visual learner during the year he couldn't hear.  When we gave him the ability to hear he was suddenly a verbal and visual learner.  Most people are one or the other.

They have another evauation on Friday. One down, two to go!

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