Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some quotes worth keeping and Happy Halloween!

The kids have come out with some good things lately. I put some on Facebook so if I duplicate sorry. I just want to be able to remember these things.

Colin: I am pretty sure Evelyn is in love with me. Me: How do you know? Colin: I asked her and she said yes Me: Oh, that's nice. Colin: Yeah, but I am in love with Reese. (And so it begins) Then Cormac chimes in "Well, that's ok cause I am in love with Evelyn" Ciaran says "dont worry mom, I am in love with you"
2135Boys are all playing in Calleigh's room. Colin and Ciaran are "whispering" so Cormac can't hear them. I say "He can hear you. He is not deaf. He is in the same room as you". From across the room Cormac says "Well, actually I am deaf but I heard them anyway"

Driving up from our house to my Mom's house on Halloween Colin says all to himself in the car "Wait, I must be dreaming. Is that snow. I must be dreaming because it doesn't snow at Halloween."

Ciaran has been "quoting" me in and doing impressions of my voice. To hear him say things I know I say all the time is outright hilarious!

Everything now has "smurf" in front of it since wee were the smurfs for Halloween. "Smurftastic" "Smurfilicious" "Smurftaculuar"

My Mom got dressed as a witch for a Halloween party and texted me a picture to show the boys. When I showed them here is what they said :
Colin: You look good and pretty and have a spooktacular day.
Ciaran: You look bootiful.
Cormac: You look like a very friendly witch and I don't care if you are scary and have a green face.

They say so many things I can't possibly remember them all but I really am trying to document as much as I can.

On the Calleigh front...she is doing marvelous! She has really started chatting away! She never would repeat what you said to her but now she is like a little parrot. We know she can hear so we weren't sure why she wasn't talking. But then again, Calleigh is really a medical mystery. With all her issues she doesn't have any neurological or cognitive issues (thank goodness). She is still delayed in speech but making HUGE progress. Her favorite word right now is "purple". She says it so cute. SHe is also getting better wth her gross motor and more steady on her feet. If you can imagine we are already starting to talk about preschool! Since she is in early intervention they start the process 6 months ahead of her third birthday. So, that would put us in December! If her speech and gross motor skilss are still delayed she will qualify for preschool in district. Our (new) district has a great program because it's has typical kids and delayed kids together. We are not sure this is where she will go but we will see. If she catches up she will go to the same school as the boys do now. I am BEYOND thrilled with her therapists since we moved. I think a change was good for her and different techniques are a plus. Her PT really has her working hard. She brings things and set up mini obstacle coureses in the house.

And now to leave you with some serious cuteness. We were the Smurfs for Halloween. Cormac was brainy, Colin was Papa, Ciaran was grouchy (check out his eyebrows). Frank was Gargamel, I was Smurfette and Calleigh was Azriel the cat.

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