Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Big Thank you to Ciaran and Colin!

As the boys get older and start to understand more about Cormac's hearing I want to make sure I let them know what a vital part they have played in Cormac's progress and development. Ciaran and Colin are by far Cormac's greatest language models. Their amazing ability to never stop talking is wonderful for Cormac to hear on a daily basis.

I want to make sure Ciaran and Colin understand they are part of this entire process. They are not just spectators. It has always been hard because I wonder if they think I spend more time with Cormac because of his therapy. But I swear, I some level they just get it. They know why we do what we do. They understand Cormac can't hear and that's why he goes to school.

There are many times when Ciaran and Colin will say something Cormac has never said before and he immediately repeats what they said. After that, it seems he now "knows" the words or phrases. He can then use them on his own.

Another amazing thing is they always understand everything he says to them. Even when it's not so clear they just get him.

They all also have the same manner of speaking. When a word is said incorrectly, it's said incorrectly by all three. I guess they hear each other say it and so they think it's right. Right now a big word is "tainer". It's short for container. Basically, we have Buzz Lightyear containers that we use for snacks. They all can say the word container but all choose to refer to them as "tainers".

Each day that passes and each day they get bigger. I can't seem to stop it! Each day they make advances in every aspect of their life. Our house is extremely focused on speech and language. Both expressive and receptive. I tend to really notice the speech before anything else for good reason. (as I type this Cormac is standing behind me on a chair and rubbing my shoulders telling me "i giving you massage")

Here's a story that was really adorable. We were in Shoprite. Ciaran , who can only speak on LOUD starts to tell me a story. He says "mom, I'm Super Ciaran. Cormac is Super Cormac and Colin is Super Cormac. I say, really that's nice. He says. Oh, and you are Super Mommy. We are ALLLLLLLLL Super Heros. I say "what about daddy?" He says, Oh yeah, he's Super Daddy". At this point eaveryone within 5aisles can hear him and their was not one person who wasn't smiling at that point.

So, when people ask me is it hard to shop with three? Yep, sometimes, but for the most part we have fun and the conversations are getting cuter and cuter!

I am also told at least a hundred times a day "you're my BESSSST friend". I hope they think that forever! And they are quick to say "you are ALLLLL my best friends". And another one they keep saying which brings tears to my eyes almost every time??? "We are one big happy family" Can it get any better than that???

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