Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Missing Soap

Well, yesterday proved to be an interesting day. I had a new jumbo pack of soap. I think it had fifteen bars in total. I noticed three were missing. Two were accounted for quickly. There was one bar in each bathroom. The third bar was mysteriously missing. Duke smelt very clean and soapy. I investigate further to find Colin with some seriously soapy hands. I just assumed he had used one of the bars from the bathroom. You know what happens when you assume.....

Fast forward a few hours. Frank goes into the master bath and comes out asking what happened to the toilet. I answer "I have no idea but there IS a bar of soap missing". This leads to a Frank freak out which I totally expected. I was bathing the boys at the time so I just kept doing what I was doing. After bath the boys were laying in our bed watching Diego. This how the conversation went:

Frank (to Colin): "what did you put in the toilet?"
Colin: "soap" (he's too young to know it's wrong so he doesn't deny but gladly talks of his accomplishment!)
Frank:" which toilet?"
Colin: "The BIG toilet"
Frank: "which big toilet"
Colin: pointing to the master bath "that big toilet right there".
Frank: "where's the box from the soap"
Colin: "in the garbage"
Frank: "so you only put the soap in the toilet?"
Colin: "yup"

Case of the mystery soap solved.

I leave the room and can hear Frank questioning further. He's asking why Colin did it. Of course Colin has no idea why he did it but Frank continues to ask repeatedly until I yell from the other room. "He did it because he is TWO and has never been told not to do it now stop asking him why he did it!"

I can only imagine what else will wind up in our toilets at some point with three boys in the house. Now we are faced with how to get it out. He already flushed so it's jammed in there. Frank tried sticking a gloved hand in there but no luck. We are hoping we can snake it out this afternoon but we might have to take the toilet off to remove it. Apparently, soap doesn't melt the the toilet!

In other news...
Cormac goes on Wednesday for his 18 month post implant appointment. Since he is part of the Advanced Bionics study they require some appointments. Can you imagine he has been hearing for 18 months? It sure has gone by quickly. He has made remarkable progress. Some of the words he uses I am not even sure how he knows. I think he is always listening to everyone and really pays attention.

His newest phrases are "sure, I can do that". "how are you today?", he says "thanks" instead of thank you alot. His plurals have taken off and he really doesn't seem to drop the "s". He properly uses "our/ours" "your/yours" "you" "mine". He has started using "he and she" and "his and hers". We are currently working on "why" and "because". We are modeling it for him now and he has repeated it a few times. I have been saying "why do we eat?" "because we are hungry". "why do we sleep?" Because we are tired. You get the idea. It's hard to come up with lots of whys when you are put on the spot!

Colin and Ciaran continue to amaze me with their speech as well. I don't take their talking for granted. We were watching Noggin this morning and they show three elephants and ask which is different. Colin quickly points out the elephant with out the hat and says "the one in the middle is different". I ask "why is he different?" He says "because he is missing his hat!". I would have thought he would say "he doesn't have a hat" but "missing his hat" just cracked me up.

We went to church this morning. We are trying to make a better effort to attend church this year. Our church doesn't have a nursery but they do have a children's mass. They surprised us today and all sat pretty well for the entire service. Colin actually never really moved. Ciaran played and Cormac loved the singning and guitar and kept saying "i hear music". And "who's that talking" when the priest would talk.

I want to say thanks to everyone who responded to my last post about our baby girl. Thanks for all the encouraging words and support. We know she will be fine. It's just tough to hear something is wrong. Now that the news has settled in we are just looking forward to meeting our little girl and are sure we can handle anything they tell us. I am fortunate to have such wonderful friends, family and most of all the most supporting husband.

We have been telling the boys they will be big brothers and are going to have a sister. They think it's funny. Cormac interrupted dinnert the other night and said "Mommy, I want to get the baby a tiara". I guess somehow he knows every girl needs a tiara. Now, you know I have to find a tiny tiara so he can give it to her when she is born. He tells me every day he wants to get her a tiara! I still am shocked he knew what a tiara was to begin with!

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Tanna's Triplets said...

I just read through your blog and got updated, I am so sorry about your baby girl. I will say lots of prayers for you all.

Much Love!!!