Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. It is ridiculous an insurance company can tell you they will pay $1,000 every two years for hearing aids. So, $500 an ear. Try and get a hearing aid for that price. We have amazing health insurance and I am shocked this is what I am being told. If he qualified they would cover bilateral implants at NO COST to us. I don't understand why his being able to hear with hearing aids should be treated any differently. I knew the coverage was different but this is really upsetting to me.

2. Calleigh has appointments with the lip surgeon, the ENT and audiology today. Yep, three in a row. They are all at Columbia so it's better for just one trip. We will see how she does. It will be tiring for her.

3. The new roof is complete and they finished in one day.

4. They are predicting beautiful weather all week. This makes me smile.

5. I am still waiting the genetic testing results on Ciaran and Calleigh. I really am hoping to hear something this week.

6. The boys delayed birthday party is on Saturday. I might be more excited but they are very thrilled.

7. Ciaran's appointment with audiology went well. Not sure if we will stick with the same audiologist. I don't think we will see eye to eye. We ordered him Oticon Safari's. He wanted green. We wound up with a neutral color because he can put green stickers on them and we go green ear molds. I didn't want him stuck with green for a few years.

8. My usual upbeat attitude about medical conditions has been hard to maintain the last few days. I hate that Ciaran now will need hearing aids. I hate not knowing what his futre holds. Oh, and I hate the amount of worrying that goes along with another kid who is responsible for THOUSANDS of DOLLARS worth of stuff. I am constantly checking Cormac now I will be checking Ciaran. Trust me, making sure I have all four kids is work enough.

9. Calleigh is standing more on her own and letting go. A step in the right direction but I don't think she will walk by her second birthday which was my goal. This saddens me. She is more frustrated lately. She wants to be out playing but she can't walk and I don't always want her crawling all over. It is heartbreaking to watch.

10. Our beautiful Robin's nest still holds two eggs and no babies. I can't wait until they arrive.


EmmaVerdona124 said...

I have the Oticon Safari hearing aids and they are wonderful!
mine are the Safari 600 :)

Anonymous said...

long time reader of your blog... but first comment:

i'm not sure what your insurance coverage is, but have you heard about grace's law? if your insurance company is local (i.e. based in NJ, check the back of your cards for the address of where you'd send claims to), grace's law covers the cost of hearing aids.

i havent heard you mention it, and you may already have gone through that route, but i just wanted to bring it to your attention in case you didn't know!