Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

House of Horrors

Last night we went to bed thinking everything was normal.  Just another Friday night.  Well, were we WRONG!  The stomach flu has hit this house HARD.  Calleigh was sick on Thursday and was vomiting but she wasn't to bad.  She seemed to be fine yesterday.

My night went something like this:

11:30 pm Ciaran runs downs stairs yelling Colin is throwing up in his bed.  Run upstairs get him to the bathroom too late.  Strip his bed and make it again in clean sheets.  Colin says he wants to lay with us.  OK. Give him bucket and he tries to sleep.  He eventually says he wants to go in his own bed.

12:30am We hear someone running from their room.  Cormac pukes in the hallway.  Get him cleaned up and he wants to sleep with us.  He did fall asleep but went on to puke 8 more times.

2:00am In between Colin and Cormac alternating puking Ciaran wakes up and it is now his turn.  The really strange thing?? None of the were ever up at the same time.  It was like as soon as I got one settled back down a different got sick again.  It was a losing battle.

So between 11:30pm and 5am I think it was 23 incidents of puking...yes you read that correctly.  23...

Oh, and then just when it couldn't get any worse....Frank starting throwing up this morning.

I don't believe there is enough Lysol on the planet at this point.  I have washed EVERYTHING from their room.  Not just the sheets and pillow cases but the special blankets and cuddly friends they sleep with.  I have sanitized every door knob and light switch and handle at least 50 times today.  I have practically given myself a Purell bath.  I have a terrible head cold for two days now and I really really can't get the stomach flu.  I sort of feel like it's inevitable but I girl can hope, right??? But you all know when I will get it, don't you?  It will be on Monday when Frank is back to work and I am left by myself and will have no choice but to do what I do everyday and not be able to be sick.  That is just how it goes.

I think this explains why Cormac passed out on the car ride home from the city yesterday.  He usually doesn't get so tired from a mapping.  I know lots of people who do get very tired after a map so I thought maybe but I now know he was getting sick.

We were supposed to go to a dinner at the school tonight.  That is not happening.  We also have our 100 day celebration projects to make and we have to get our Valentine's signed.  It's not looking good since the boys don't want to leave the couch!  Cormac did some of his project when he had a burst of energy.  Ciaran do a lot of his too.  Colin is putting 100 legos together so his is easy at least.

Did I mention now they all have fevers???  When I tell you we are never sick.  Last winter they were never sick.  This year we are getting slammed.  It hate when they are sick.  They hate being sick.  Right about now they are on Scooby Doo overload...

Here is the face of sickness...
Cormac sleeping with his Ipod.  Not even Angry Birds could keep him awake.

Colin said he felt better and had a was back in the toilet in under 5 minutes.

Ciaran trying to smile. 

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Lone Star Family said...

your poor babies!and poor you! Hope they are feeling better and I pray that you are not next!