Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

4 days, 17 women and 1 man!

Yep, that's how the trip to Memphis ended up. I couldn't of had a better time unless Frank had traveled with us. I arrived on Friday afternoon. At 5pm we went over to the Peabody Hotel to watch the Peabody Ducks. It was a long wait and really not that big of a deal but it was fun. They make a big production because the ducks climb out of the fountain in the lobby and walk into the elevator. They then ride the elevator to the roof where they live. It's called "Duckingham Palace".

By 7 we were on a riverboat cruise. There was food, music and dancing. Lots of alcohol. After the river boats we headed to Beale Street. Basically, a street filled with bars and restaurants that is blocked to traffic. YOu can come and go as you please along with your drinks. At some point we wound up in Coyote Ugly. At that point things get a little crazy and next thing we know it's Golden Girls Gone Wild. (all the aunts on the trip were being referred to as the Golden Girls.) They were up on the bar dancing. Totally hilarious. Not quite sure when we arrived back at the hotel but we were up bright and early.

We headed to Graceland on Saturday. We spent hours at Graceland. It was such a cool place. Not quite what you expect. You have to put it all in perspective. A mansion from the 70's is smaller than most new developments going up around us now. However, the grounds are huge. I can't remember how many acres but a lot. The pool was just a small kidney shaped pool. Smaller than most people's pools today. Tons of history and memories were made at this house. The pictures and memorabilia were amazing to see.

We also saw all of his cars. There were tons of them. Elvis also had two planes. One plane was bigger than the plane I flew to Memphis on. That is how you realize how much money he had at the time. No one has a plane like that.

We also visited the Civil Rights Museum. It was created on the property of the Laraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr was assinated. It was a pretty moving place to visit. Somehow my brain can't seem to comprehend how horribly a human being can treat another human being.

I was able to to visit Slave Haven Underground Railroad. Another place I didn't think I would ever see but am glad to have had the opportunity to visit.

We did so much in such a short amount of time. I can't possibly put in words all we did and all the fun. I was glad to get away but even happier to return back home to my lovely family.

Not seeing the boys for a few days was tough but I think we all needed it. When they saw me for the first time on Tuesday I couldn't have had a better welcome. Ciaran said "Mommy, you really here?" and just kept repeating it and rubbing my arms and legs like if he didn't touch me I might go away. Colin said "Mommy, you met Elvis?" And Cormac did his best Elvis impersonation and said "thank you, thank you very much".

I feel revitalized. I think every six months a Mom should get away for a day or two to rejuvinate herself. (AKA having cocktails and dinner with her girlfriends). I am lucky I still get out socially pretty often. But going away.....

Pictures to follow.

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