Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


This weekend has turned out to be a fun filled zoo weekend. Saturday Frank was once again working on the basement so I had to keep the terrific trio out of the house so the didn't just stand at the top of the stairs all days yelling "Hi Daddy, Daddy working. Hi, Uncle Rich. Uncle Rich working. Bang Bang Daddy hammering. YOu get the idea. Sure it's cute and all but how are they supposed to get any work done.

We went to the mall (how shocking) because Ciaran and Colin needed hair cuts. Colin was starting to resemble and old woman who gets her hair done once a week so I knew it was time. What a pleasant experience. They totally loved it this time. Poor Cormac, he cried because he WANTED a hair cut but he doesn't get one! We pretended.

After naps, my mom and I took them the Turtle Back Zoo along with my nephew Michael. Michael slept thru the zoo and never knew he was there. My three walked most of the zoo and were such good little boys. They were running from animal to animal but not once did they not stop when I asked them to stop. They got in the stroller when needed. It's such a difference from even the beginning of the summer when letting them walk was not even an option. We rode the carosel (except Ciaran, he won't do it).

Today we wound up going to Space Farms. Not exactly what I expected. All the animals looked healthy and taken care of BUT the place was pretty stinky and didn't look well maintained. NOT TO MENTION when we arrived the Lions, Tigers and Leopards were all EATING! Mind you, they were eating dead animals, gnawing through bones and gross stuff. I was a little startled and kept the boys away so they wouldn't be traumatized for life! I thought they might warn you when feeding time is when you brought little kids with you. Guess not. It was cool though because they had lots of animals new to the boys. They got to feed baby deer. Pets some goats. And most importand run wild. This zoo was more like a park setting. All grass and big open fields. They took full advantage and romped around the whole place.

Colin got bit by a turkey (well pecked but he says he was "bit by the gobble gobble". I nearly wet my pants it was so funny. He totally did not expect it and the turkey pecked him through the fence. At first he didn't do anything. Just stood there in shock and then he started to cry. And what did Ciaran do?? He said "Mommy said, No touch fence!" He is quite the bugger. Colin stopped crying after about 5 seconds but is still talking about being bit by the gobble gobble!

In the afternoon we went to my mom's to play with the puppies. Here is a video my mom took last week of them with the puppies.

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