Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Orange Octagon!

That's what Cormac said today while we were playing with his new peg board. He also said "Purple Triangle", "Blue Square" and "Red Circle". All of these were just spontaneous words he used while stacking the pegs. All of them were completely intelligible and could be understood by anyone. Not only was I amazed at how clearly he said them but I was also pretty astounded he knew all the shapes and colors. From across the room I said to him "Cormac, put the orange octagon in the red circle". You bet he did it!

Yesterday, Frank came home from work and the boys had already finished eating. He said "what did you have for dinner?" and Cormac said "Hot dogs, corn, and rice". It literally brought tears to Frank's eyes. He said it so perfect and he wasn't expecting him to answer the question so correctly!

We went to National night out tonight in our town. Their was a petting zoo, pony rides, bounce houses and slides. They had this HUGE bouncy fire truck slide. I asked how old they had to be and the man said if they can climb the ladder they can go on. I sent Cormac in first not knowing if he would understand what he was supposed to do. I told him climb up the ladder. He went right up the ladder, no problems. Got to the top and this slide was SO BIG. It was an 18 foot slide!. We could watch him thru a window in the bounce house. I said "Go, Cormac". He let go and FLEW down the slide it the biggest smile on his face. Colin and Ciaran ran up the ladder as well. They were both a little more cautious on the way down and knew to hold their feet to slow them down. They also had gigantic smiles on their faces but Cormac's was priceless. I don't think he thought he would go so fast but he loved it.

Here's what the firetruck slide looked like.

We used our "super cool" wagon for the event. Here's Frank pulling it

All along for a fun ride

Checking out the baby chicks and bunnies

Frank trying to make sure they didn't kill the bunny!

Cormac on the pony ride

Colin on the pony ride

All three looking up at a fireman who was up on the ladder of his truck

Tonight when we got ready for bed I put them all in their cribs. Cormac was crying which is not like him. I started to take his implants off and he freaked out. I realized thru the crying he was saying "ears on, ears on". He didn't want me to take his implants off. This, of course, made me cry. He doesn't quite understand yet why he can't hear at night. THis is also the first time he has ever gotten upset at night time. It breaks my heart to see him so upset over not being able to hear. I can't really do anything for him. I'm helpless and it sucks to be perfectly honest. I left one of his implants on and he was satisfied. I will sneak in later and remove it from his crib if I can. I can hear it beeping as I type this but it's not bothering anyone so what's the big deal.

Rarely, do things about Cormac's deafness get to me but I have to say this one really did for some reason. In time, I know he will understand more and I can explain it to him but I think for a while it will be tough. I am really not looking forward to the day he starts to ask some hard questions. I am hoping by that time we have instilled enough self confidence in him he doesn't care he has implants and hears differently than others.

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