Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Friday, December 12, 2008

How to scare your mother to death....

I taught Stroller Strides today at the mall. The boys were wonderful and stayed in the stroller. Only getting out at the end to play. After a while of playing I decided I needed to get a few things for Christmas while I was already at the mall. Everyone was pretty cooperative.

I stopped in Modell's thinking I could find some Notre Dame gear for my nephew. I wasn't looking at the boys for maybe two minutes. I turn around and realized BOTH OF CORMAC'S IMPLANTS ARE GONE! Panic immediately ensues. I don't know what he was thinking he rarely will even take off his implants for sleep let alone take them off while we were out. I start searching the floor of Modells. Yep, I'm laying on the floor. Not a pretty sight for sure! I start finding bits and pieces. Not only had he removed them he also disassembled them. So now I am looking for 6 pieces not two! After a frantic couple of minutes I locate all the pieces and say it's time to go home.

I start out of the mall and stop to put their coats on. Check and see two implants. Get to the car and start unloading them and don't ya know??? ONE IMPLANT IS MISSING. How can this be? How can this happen twice in one day? He just had the frigin' thing on 2 seconds ago. Now every scenario is running through my head. Did it fall in the sewer we just roller over? Did it fall in the parking lot and get run over. Do I unload the two already strapped in their car seats and start the search? Do I call someone to come help me? But who???

I decided to search around the car while all three are safely strapped in. Luck was apparently on my side because I found it under the van. I don't think he took it off this time. I think it got caught on his coat and fell.

I swear I aged 10 years today. No two year old should be allowed to walk around with equipment worth so much money. ($6,000 per ear approx).

What's the solution? I have no idea. This is the first time he removed them. I am hoping it's the last. I tried to explain it to him but he is only two. I told him if he wants to take them off he can but he has to tell mommmy first.

Going shopping with triplets is not the ideal situation to begin with even when your kids are well behaved. Add to that the stress of losing implants and it's enough to make you not want to leave the house.

Oh, gotta run..... We are going to Costco LOL! I can't REALLY stay in the house!

Here's what it looks like just in case you don't know. Cormac's isn't that fancy. Just all one color that matches his hair. But you get the idea.


Charlotte said...

You had my heart leaping out of my mouth! I cannot image how scary it is for you. But as CI user i am scared of losing it myself.

Your triplets are cute.

Melanie said...

OH MY. My worst nightmare. Glad you found them.