Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Big Step for New Jersey

This article was in The Star Ledger a few days ago. Grace, who the law is named after, attended Summit Speech School. Her Mom sure has made a differene in New Jersey. If you can imagine it wasn't considered medically necessary for hearing aids. Most parents pay out of pocket for hearing aids. How can hearing be a luxury? Most isurers cover glasses so you can see but not hearing aids to hear. Makes absolutly no sense at all.

To read the article click here

Not sure if you remember this post but I posted a while back about being interviewed at Summit Speech School. The video is available on their website. Once you get to the site look in the right corner for "school video". It's a video all about the school. About 14 minutes into the video I make my big debut (LOL). I look like crap but what I say comes from the heart and of course, I manage to cry. Check it out if you like.

Speaking of Summit Speech School, our days are limited at Summit. This is scary and sad to me. But with Cormac turning three in just about 90 days it's time to make the transition to our school district. We have our first meeting on 1/6/06. I am nervous. I just want to make sure I know enough and fight hard enough for what Cormac needs. I want him to attend mainstream preschool with some support services. I truly feel this is what is best for him but also have lingering fears I might make the wrong decision. I almost wish it wasn't up to us and "someone" just made the decision for us. That said, we know our son the best and what will be best for him educationally, socially and emotionally. Having him attend preschool with his brothers is very important to me. DOn't get me wrong, it he wasn't doing so well I would think about other options for him but he was implanted young. We have worked hard for the past year and a half and will continue to put in all the time and effort it takes to keep him where he needs to be.

I think all parents are nervous to send their child or children to preschool. I don't think we are any different but I do have more worries. Will they make sure he is hearing all day? Will they check his equipment? Will they monitor him so he doesn't lose his implants? (i know they can't watch him like I do). So, with along with a normal parent fear I add on a different level of anxiety. I know they will all do well in preschool. Honestly, I think they need it right about now. I try my best to entertain them every day but a change of scenery and some new friends will be nice for them. I am sure I will be lonely without them. But baby number four will be arriving in June and should take my mind off of it a little bit.

I have tried to make sure I made use of the short amount of time you actually get to keep your kids with you 24/7. Did I spend too much time doing other things? Will I have regrets I didn't spend enough time just enjoying them? Who knows? But in my heart I know I have been thrilled to be home with them for almost three years. I have tried to do as much as possible with them each day. I make sure the spends lots of time hugging and kissing them. I know I have to let them grow up and start going places without me, but it JUST SUCKS!

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