Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Three Times

People have always asked me from the start if I need "three of everything". While this is true for some things it isn't really necessary for all things. I thought I would take the time to document what we really have in threes.

Three cribs.
Three bouncy seats (when they were little)
Three exersaucers (when they were little)
Three high chairs/booster seats
Three car seats
Three Doodle Pros actually 6. 3 for the car and 3 for home
Three sets of all their clothes. Yep to this day this is still true!
Three sets of all shoes.

Those are the material things we actually needed. But as I was thinking about this I came to the conclusion the non material things we have in threes outnumber the material

Three times the love
Three times the kisses
Three times the silly giggles or laughter
Three times the joy
Three times boy!
Three times the smiles
Three times the hugs
Three times more to hear I love you
Three times the mischief
Three times the chance to see the wonder of little boys learning about their world
Three times the ruckus
Three times the poopy diapers. (Ok, don't think this is a bonus)
Three times the mess.
Three times the mommy guilt.
Three time the noise level.
Three times the fighting.
Three times the making up after fighting.
Three times unexpected running hugs from across the room.
Three times the tackling from across the room.
Three times the sadness when they all go off to school together.
Three times the college education all at once.
Three all driving at the same time totally freaks me out.
Three times the trips to the ER apparently when you have three boys.
SIX times the grocery, that's not a typo.
Six hands and thirty fingers always grabbing something. Try traveling with an Octopus or two to the grocery store and you will understand!
Six socks to keep track of each day and night. Not an easy task when they keep taking them off in different places.
Six shoes that seem to disappear with six socks.

Seems like a lot of 3's. And honestly even the not so great things on the list are still better to have because without them I wouldn't be able to have all the other things that make every day so wonderful!

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