Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another celebration

I wrote this post on the boys birthday but forgot to post...

For the boys' actual birthday we started the day off opening gunifts at 6:45 AM. They wanted to open them before Frank went to work or they would have to wait ALLLLL day. So we let them The present were a hit. It was a variety this year Spiderman, horse farm, Ironman, Rapunsel, dinosaurs.

The boys headed to school and were very excited because they knew they would be the "special leaders" for the day. They were the first in line and got to assist with all the classroom duties for the day.

At their school the parent comes to school for a child's birthday and reads their favorite book. I had also told their teachers I would give a little lesson in sign language. It was a huge hit and the entire class was so cooperative and fun. They each took a turn coming up to the front and doing a sign they remembered. Some of them asked for signs I didn't know and were a little obscure (ground hog is one).

I stayed for lunch and then read three books. Ciaran chose You're All My Favorites, Colin chose Whereever You Go My Love Will Find You. and Cormac chose It's Hard to Be Five.

It was amazing to see the whole class sit so quietly and listen so intently to three books in a row. Ciaran, Colin and Cormac were very proud to have me there to read books.

After school we came home and relaxed while Calleigh napped. The boys had decided they wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese. I have avoided Chuck E Cheese for 5 years. Literally, I have never stepped in the door of this restaurant. But if the boys wanted it for their birthday we would indulge them. To say they loved it was an understatement. Games, rides, pizza and cake. Really what else is there when you are five?

All in all it was a wonderful birthday. We are having family over on Sunday for some cake. Their "friend" party (their first one ever) won't take place until May because we are having it on a Pirate Ship and we needed the weather to be better. Trust me, they are counting the days.

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