Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY THREE ADORABLE, FUNNY, SWEET, KIND, SMART, CRAZY BOYS! You are five years old today and I consider you the greatest gift I ever received. (along with your sister). I truly love you with every ounce of me!

How on earth did that happen? My boys are five years old today. I have had the best five years of my life. They bring joy to my life I never knew was possible. They make my heart swell with pride. They make me laugh with how cute and silly the can be. They make me proud to see what nice young boys they are turning into. The love they have for each other is palpable. It is something I don't think I will every fully understand. At 5 years old I still find them all sitting together on a chair watching TV just because they want to cuddle together. My hope is they continue to love each other and take care of each other forever.

The zest they all have for life is contagious. They truly love every day. They are little firecrackers when they want to be. They love entertaining themselves. Their imaginations are endless. The games and stories they think up are amazing. nd while they are most certainly a team they are also such DIFFERENT individuals. They are all totally different from each other. They have their own likes and dislikes. They each have something they really like the other two aren't really into. Ciaran loves horses and sea animals, Colin loves Knights and Cormac loves anything to do with a Princess.

Wherever I go with them they are enthused and excited to see and learn new things. They take away so much from every experience. I honestly don't know how they store all the information in their little brains. The ability to recall information from years ago is astounding. I forget things and they easily remember.

We are so lucky to be where we are at this moment.

Five years old...

Fours years old...and I am very pregnant!

Three years old...

2 years old....

One year old....

A few weeks old...their first picture all together.

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