Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Seems like I can't catch a minute lately. Between last weeks visit with Ciaran to NYC and Cormac ending up in the emergency room to keeping up with Calleigh's therapies I literally don't get a moment to myself. It seems like their are not enough hours in a day to accomplish what I want to accomplish. I suffer from serious guilt if I am not doing things with the kids. I seems ridiculous because I am home with them all the time but I feel like if I am home with them I should be with them. I keep thinking these are my last months with the boys. Kindergarten starts in the fall and they are full days. I feel it is so not needed to have full day Kindergarten. They have their whole lives to be in school. I know I am in the minority and lots of others love full day Kindergarten but not me.

We had a fun weekend. I went to book club on Friday night. Some much needed girl time. Always love to see my friends and yes, we do read a book and talk about it for a few minutes. But really it's about maintaining our friendships and keeping up with each other. All our lives are so busy with our families. It's nice to know every 6 weeks or so we can all regroup together.

We had Bunny Brunch on Saturday morning. All four kids LOVE the furry rabbit. I wasn't so sure how it was going to go with Calleigh but she loved it. She actually dove out of my arms into the bunny's arms. Quite a difference from the scared to death Santa picture I have of her!

Bunny Brunch was followed up by going to Nicolas' and Michael's birthday party. Colin said "it was the best party of his life". Seriously, it was too cute. It was a dinosaur party and they loved it. Frank took them to the party and I am sad I missed it. I stayed home with sleeping beauty and got ready for a night out without children.

Frank and I went to the Irish Dinner Dance for the Friendly Sons of the Shillelagh. It was a great time. Fun with friends, great music, some dancing and a few cocktails. So glad our friends, Cristina and John, asked us to go.

Today, we went to the The Turtle Back Zoo. We love this place. We spend lots of time there. Today was the Earth Day celebration. The boys are very interested in "taking care of our planet" so it was a perfect day to go. They were able to see what pollution can do to the water. And they were even able to name where the water in the sewers goes after it goes down the drain.

We got to plant a Sunflower seed in a newspaper cup and bring it home with us. They also had a display about butterflies. Cormac impressed them when he told them "a lepidopterist is a person who studies butterflies". They all knew the word "chrysalis" and I think it was Ciaran who told them the difference between a butterfly and a moth. (how their wings are different when they land :) )

We rode the train and the carosel We skipped the pony rides. All in all a great day.

We have appointments this week with the genetic doctor for Ciaran and Calleigh. Just a follow for Calleigh and this will be Ciaran's first time. We won't find out any information tomorrow but we will get his bloodwork done. It takes weeks for the results to come back.

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