Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


My week went something like this:

Monday: Holiday. Up at at 6am after no sleep. Home from shore by 10am. Go to parade and have lunch. While everyone else naps I have to do the grocery shopping.

Tuesday: Art Class at 10am. Clean house, do laundry from long weekend, get dinner ready because I have to be at CPR training from 6-10:30 which means leave the house by 5 and get home at 11

Wednesay: Normally, I would take Cormac to school but I was too tired. Went to Stroller Strides Class at zoo. Came home, cleaned house (again), did more laundry, had CPR training again. Home at 11

Thursday Have meeting with Cormac's teacher and case worker from the county. Have to develop plan for next 6 months of what we (me and Frank) would like to see him accomplish. Tonight I have to head to Staten Island for My Lil Tees business.

Friday: I plan on going to the grand opening of my friend's Stroller Stride francise in Hoboken to lend some support. I am also donating a t-short for the raffle. Good for business. Friday night I have plans to go to the movies with the girls.

Saturday: Tommy, Juanita and Corinne are up from Texas. We are going to the beach to spend some time with them.

So, I will not have been home one night this week. Somewhere in these days I still had to take care of the boys, plan ahead and start packing for the weekend, do some shopping, continue to clean the house, make breakfast, lunch and dinner and countless other things I do in a single day.

Bottom line.... I am exhausted. I am still paying the price of going out on Saturday night and not sleeping. This week would have been a cake walk if I wasn't sleep deprived. I have to admit I can no longer function after only get two hours of sleep. Funny, some how I functioned for months when the babies were born with NO SLEEP!

I should probably be sleeping right now but instead I am posting on the blog.

On to a different topic, Cormac's IFSP went great. He is doing wonderful and continues to progress as he should. He is really starting to use 2 and 3 words together. My personal favorite? "daddy, stinky poops!" Hmmmm... .where did he learn that from???

The boys all call each other by different names. I guess that can't say each others names yet so it comes out differently. Here is the run down:

Colin calls himself "Ollie", he calls Ciaran "ree ree" and Cormac "mickmack"
Ciaran calls Colin "ol" and calls Cormac "mimmack". He doensn't call himself anything.
Cormac calls Colin "olin" and calls Ciaran "earin". He calls himself "mickmack"

I wonder if any of these nicknames will stick. I have to say I find myself calling Colin "ollie" and Ciaran "ree ree". Not sure why but I do. I call Cormac Big Mac.

My Lil Tees has a new look. Please check it out and remember to pass it along to friends and family. We have added a bunch of new options for personalized tees, onesies and hats. We are very excited to start marketing to the boutiques. We should be ready to start shortly. If you know anyone who would be interested in selling our wares at their store please feel free to have them contact me directly.

Oh, one last thing. Today while I was vacumming I had the boys downstairs with me. They were playing in the living room while I was cleaning the kitchen. Even with the vacuum running I noticed it was suddenly tooooooo quiet in the house. I look into the dining room and GONZO! We had three escapees... They got the slider open and let themselves into the backyard. If you would have seen them take off. They were all barefoot and in their jammies. They ran to fast. I know they can't get out of the yard or hurt but I still would not let them unsupervised in the yard. The only safety hazard is the deck stairs (and of course the loving bombs the dogs drop!). But by the time I saw them they were already in the grass. I wish someone else could have seen them. They were so happy!

I think that is it for now. I am too tired to think of anything else!

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