Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Angels or Devils?? Depends on the day

Yesterday, Frank had to work late and wouldn't be home for dinner. I took the opportunity to skip cooking and headed to the mall to get a gift for a bridal shower. I figure, I will feed the kids while we were out. My very cooperative two year olds stayed nicely in the stroller for our trip through the China department at Macy's. I had to strategically place the stroller in places where six little arms that seem to be 10 feet long had NO access to any displays.

With my gravy boat in hand we head to the food court. Now, our options were not full of healthy options. But for the most part my kids eat pretty darn healthy so once in a while we can splurge. They asked for hot dogs. I wheel the bus otherwise known as our stroller, to Nathan's. I realize they have mini corn dogs and order them for the boys with some french fries. Doesn't a "corn" dog count as a vegetable??? Anyway, they decide they DONT want to sit in the stroller but want to sit in "big boy chairs". This scares me. I am alone in the mall and if they all decide to run who do I chase first??? I decide to let them out. I guess yesterday was an Angel day. They sat perfectly in their "big boy chairs" and ate their food. Not once did they even attempt to get down. I was one proud but hungry Mama. You see, I wouldn't eat a hot dog if you paid me and forgot to get myself something BEFORE I let the all out the stroller. I couldn't exactly leave three two year olds at a table in the food court while I found something to eat.

For their stellar behaviour they were rewarded with Pretzel Bits from Wetzels Pretzels. And mommy got her dinner, a cinnamon/sugar pretzel with sweet glaze. I couldn't have been happier....

Now, for the Devil day....

We had a great morning. I worked out at the park. I even bought the boys their own exercise bands and they "exercise" while I do. They were wonderful angels. We head to Whole Foods for the Mom meet and greet for Stroller Strides. A representative from a new fresh food company for children was giving a little presentation while the kids snacked. Not so much. We were in a section of Whole Foods with booths and we were near the bathroom along with a Water Fountain. My kids beelined to the water fountain along with some friends. Ok, they were turning it on and off. Not so bad. Ok, they splashed some. I told them to stop. Ok, WHERE DID THEY GET CUPS???? Colin was filling a cup and throwing the water in the air! Right over his head. I nearly died. I removed him from the situation which caused a melt down in the middle of Whole Foods. Ciaran and Cormac were also "throwing" water but they got over it quickly. Colin took a full 10 minutes and we finally left once he calmed down.

Last night when Frank got home I told him how great our dinner was as the mall. How they sat so perfect, yadda yadda, yadda. I said I think we are really turing a corner..... I guess I jinxed myself!


Imez said...

Just today I actually caught myself thinking, "no one has ever suffered as I have...being a mom has sapped my life!" and then boom, I find you. And I stop whining, for now.

I'm glad I found you.

Prue said...

People should read this.