Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I couldn't make this sh@T up!

My weekend was spent in emergency rooms of both the human and animal type. It went something like this:

Frank leaves for a camping trip. (with no cell service, I might add)
Duchess, who has been sick for a few days, has a vet appt on Friday afternoon. I take the triplets with me since Frank is not here. My Mom and nephew were with me to entertain the troops while I was dealing with the doctor.
They do blood work run all types of tests and send us home until the blood work comes back the next morning. They also give her a fluid with B12 injection to help her out. She had not had anything to eat since Monday and it was now friday.

I take Duchess and the boys home. Settle them in to bed and have to carry Duchess into the house. She was in bad shape. I keep her in bed with me so I can be near her overnight. Duke is now throwing his body against the basement door because I have Duchess upstairs. After an hour, I am convinced Duke is going to wake the kids so I surrender and let him in the bed too. Because having all three kids up screaming is worse then him hogging the bed.

Duchess didn't really sleep at all. By Midnight she is crying and whimpering. I am crying with her. I don't know what to do for the poor dog. I am by myself. My Mom was leaving on a plane at about 5 am. I call her at 3:30am to say I think the dog is dying. I am now in hysterics. She can't do anything since she is boarding a plane. There was really nothing I could do but wait for the morning to come so I could take her back to the vet.

By 7:10am my three kids were up and out at Aunt Robin's house. Not what she was expecting at 7 on a Saturday morning. I carry Duchess to the car and have her there when the doors open at 8am. They said she would not live through the weekend if I didn't admit her for fluids/antibiotics. They believe she has a severe infection called Leptospirosis. Very scary. Amongst my tears and fears I try and get Frank on the phone. I needed to talk to someone else. The vet bill is going to astronomical and we really don't have the money for it. But how can I not try and save this poor dog?? She is only 5. If it was something like Cancer, I could see but here they are telling me they think they can help.

I call Nadine and she tracks down the campground and they locate Frank and wake him up in his tent. At this point he thinks Duchess has passed away and I am calling to tell him. I had already made the decision to admit her so it didn't matter any longer. But he was relieved to hear they might be able to help her. He had this trip planned forever. He didn't want to go on Friday but I made him. I really didn't think things would take such a turn for the worse. But when have I EVER been right???

Ok. Dog situation under control. I slept not a wink on Friday night. So by yesterday when I went to sleep I had been up for like 38 hours straight.

This morning (sunday) the boys wake up about 7. They always come in my room and drink their milk. We were all laying in the bed. I have a trunk at the foot of my bed. They use it to climb onto my bed. Cormac slipped somehow and he fell to the ground. The cry I heard next was the cry of a hurt child. Not a child who barely fell a foot. He was inconsolable. Again, I am all alone. I call Robin (thank god for Robin and Mike). Mike heads over in a bout 5 minutes and takes Ciaran and Colin back to his house while I head to the ER with Cormac.

He broke his collar bone. I am so upset. I feel so bad for him. They tortured him to get X-rays. I had to rip him off the table and tell them to wait. I had to take his implants off so he couldn't hear and apparently the techs didn't know what "deaf" meant. I told them he could NOT hear them. After the X-rays the poor kid just passed out in my arms and slept.

He is supposed to wear a sling. It was off in 30 seconds flat. They can't do anything for him except give him Motrin. How sad is that? The Motrin really did work. He is sleeping comfortably right now. However, he can't be strapped into a car seat on his right side because the strap pulls down right over the broken spot. The doctor said he will be in pain for about a week so continue the Motrin. After a week it heals enough so he won't be in pain. Takes 4-6 weeks to heal completely.

Frank calls while I am in the ER. He assumes I mean the ANIMAL ER. I say, no, the human ER. He cannot believe the only weekend he chooses to go away since we had the babies happens to be the weekend of all this happening. He feels terrible. I am exhausted.

Now, the weekend is over yet. What else can go wrong????

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