Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Little Quirks

I am sure everyone who has children knows each child has their own little quirkiness (is that a word?) To let you know the boys better I thought I would share some of their strangeness!

Colin is obsessed with wearing certain items. Of course, it's not some T-shirt or shorts. At the moment he is very attached to gardening gloves. And they are my gardening gloves. He wears a glove or two when we go out and play, to stroller strides, the eat. You name it and he has the glove on. It used to be a Fireman puppet but he lost interest in the puppet. He also used to wear a red baseball cap 24/7. Colin found a NY Yankee hat from when he was a baby. Needless to say, it is way too small but somehow he squeezes his head into that hat and wears it around. He looks so funny in it but he doesn't care. He has been wearing it for the last three days.

Cormac is fascinated by towels. I know, really weird, but he likes to take the dish towels and lay them out flat on the table or the floor. Or he will wrap it around his waist but it CAN'T be folded! He now likes to put one down on the table as a placemat before he eats. NOw, if you knew Cormac, this would be especially hysterical to you because neatness while eating is not one of Cormac's strong point. He is the one COVERED in food at the end of a meal. Today at Target I bought 6 new placemats so he now has his own! Now, this is gross but I will share it anyway. If you remember, I had so shave Cormac's head because he was pulling his hair out at night. Well, he has always sucked on his two first fingers when he sleeps. He did this while he was pulling his hair which resulted in him sucking on his own hair. Gross, I told you, however he doesn't care. If he gets a hold of a hairbrush he will pull some hairs out and suck on his fingers. I keep thinking some day he is going to puke up a hairball like a cat!

Ciaran doesn't really have any weird behavior that comes to mind. Only thing I can think of is he likes to sleep with his shoes and socks on at nap time. Lord help the person who takes them off. He also likes to sleep in all his clothes, whatever he is wearing at the time. Imagine, winter coat, hat, boots. Yep, last winter he napped in all his outerwear. At night, he will wear his pajamas with no problem but something about his nap, not sure what he is thinking.

I know they will probably kill me when they are older for sharing these strange habits but I have to document it somewhere before I forget.

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