Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On the mend (thankfully)

Our family survived the crazy weekend and is on the mend! Cormac went to the Ortho doc yesterday to follow up on his collar bone. The doctor was amazed at how much he was doing. He is a non stop ball of energy. He learned quickly what he can and cannot do with a busted collar bone. He uses his arm but there are certain things you can see he just can't do. STrapping him into his carseat is close to impossible since the strap hits directly on the broken bone.

Duchess was allowed to come home on Monday night. She is not 100% but is on her way back. She is running and eating (some). Considering I thought she was going to be put to sleep I am so happy with the results. She will continue on antibiotics and will follow up in a few weeks for more blood work.

Today I taught stroller strides. The boys were, of course, with me. At the end we let the kids out of the strollers and we play for a while. My three were running in this big open green field. The moms and I were working on our abs and I notice my curious monkeys are awfully quiet. I look up and they found THE ONLY MUD PUDDLE within a 5 miles radius. These boys are ALL BOY. I yell over "what are you three up to?" Colin says" Jumping in Puddles". Splash Splash. AT that point it was to late to intervene so they had a ball. I had to strip them down to their diapers for the car ride home. How is it they can always find the mischief? They are like moths to a flame! Everyone always says "boys will be boys." I guess they are correct. We had to have baths before lunch!

So my birthday was Monday. Another year older. Who cares, right? I know i don't care. This birthday was extra special because it was the first birthday the boys were able to wish me a happy birthday! Last year, they weren't really talking well enough. This year I was serenaded several times with the birthday song (mostly by Cormac. He's really into singing at the moment)

You'll notice there isn't one of Ciaran. While he can say anything he won't look at the camera and say ANYTHING! He is a little bugger!

Here's Cormac. It takes a while to get to the singing while he adjusts his guitar! (notice the lovely pink guitar. It's Cailan's. Oh, and remember he has a broken collar bone in this video.)

Here's Colin. He wouldn't sing. But he says "happy birthday". We were at Robin's house

Here's one more of Cormac. He was really into singing!

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