Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


What to do with three 2 year olds when it's freezing cold? Where do you go? How do you occupy their time? It's barely winter and I am already going to lost it trying to think of things to do.

Our day started out like this:

Up at 7am
Watched Noggin and played until breakfast
I complained it was freezing.
Ran wild through the house with dog chasing them and occasionally knocking someone over. Oh, and they emptied a Costco size bag of Cheerios all over. Thank God Duke like Cheerios!
Played "clothes line" game. (don't ask but it's great for listening skills)
I complained it was freezing.
Played Playdoh. Broke it up by changing colors one at a time. It's almost like a new game :)
I complained it was freezing.
Blew bubbles and let them blow bubbles. This turns into a sport in our house with all three trying to pop them while Duke tries to eat the bubble.
I complained it was freezing.
Kids want to play Aquadoodles. Great. But I can't find the pens. So I improvise. Empty out some mini play doh containers and give them paint brushes with water. Sure, they are spilling it and I have refilled the water about 100 times. But they LOVE it. And when they are done the hard wood will be nice and clean.
I complained it was freezing.

Oh, yeah, it's now 11:45 so all this took place in less than 4 hours including a long breakfast.

Nap time is coming so it will be nighty night for about 3 hours. Then I only have to think of things to amuse them for another 4 hours tonight!

So, I put it out their to all of you. Step up to the plate and give me some ideas of what I am supposed to do all winter.

Ok, I will stop complaining and move on to Frank's birthday. Here are some pics and video from us making him his cake and eating it. I let them eat some of the icing after they "made" it. Ciaran says all serious to me "Mommy, I love sugar" Hmmm I wonder who HE takes after!

Here they are helping make the icing:

Enjoying some cake...

This is Frank trying to come through the door. The boys were waiting all day to eat this cake the couldn't take it another moment. Needless to say Frank had to have cake before dinner for his birthday.

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Melanie said...

I hate the cold too and have these same thoughts. Sometimes I look at the clock and wonder how it's only 10:00AM! :)