Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thank you, Mommy

Colin says thank you to me for everything. No matter what I do. If I hand him a tissue, "thank you, mommy." If I feed him, if I put his clothes on. Whatever the circumstances he always says thank you. Very sweet. Even though he says it alot it never loses its meaning. For some strange reason "thank you, Mommy" is usually followed by "happy birthday, Mommy". The have all been saying "happy birthday" since September. Ciaran and Cormac say thank you but not as often.

Colin is also going through a phase of "lubbing" everything. Lubbing=loving. Colin out of nowhere will say "I lub Duke", I lub forks","I lub leaves". He is obviously a happy, thankful and loving child!

Ciaran is into saying "that's my favorite". Suddenly, everything is his favorite. It changes daily what his favorite is but he consistently says it. He also has to say things at least 2 times in a row. "look at this" is also another big phrase he uses.

We always say "see you later, alligator" or "after a while crocodile" and "see you soon, racoon". For some reason the boys always say "see you later, crocodile" or "see you later, racoon". If you say it first they will repeat it correctly but on their own they say it wrong.

Cormac pointed to some animals at the zoo today and said "look at these guys over there". While we were walking in the zoo he pointed to his ear and said "I hear the train whistle". Now, we couldn't have been farther from the train if we wanted. I couldn't believe he heard it. The majic of cochlear implants. Still amazed by them. He also used to just say he hears a train but today he added train whistle.


tammy said...

I love that Cormac pointed to his ear when he heard the train whistle! I point to my ear for every little sound, just praying that my little one does the same one day once he gets his implants! Your boys are too dang cute!

Jennifer said...

Pointing to our ears is second nature at this point. My other sons do it every time they hear something. I guess after watching mommy and daddy for 2 1/2 years they think it "normal" :) Your son will do the same and it will melt your heart. Still does after over a year!

I checked out your blog. You have a beautiful family. We are in NJ so not too too far from you.