Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, January 21, 2008

We had quite the weekend...

Let's start on Friday night. Frank and I put the boys down as usual. By 7:30 or so they are in their cribs and we don't hear from them again for about 12 hours. (It's been this way forever) At about 10:30pm I heard Cormac cry. By the time I came up from the family room he had stopped. I listened outside the nursery door and all I heard was Colin snoring. I went back down stairs. ABout 10 minutes later, Cormac cries again. Once again, I go up the stairs. He cried for maybe 2 seconds. I stood outside the door for about 5 minutes listening to Colin snoring. I didn't want to go in and wake anyone. Well, after I went down stairs again I heard Cormac SCREAMING like I have never heard. I run upstairs and go into the room. It was pitch black so it took a moment for my eyes to adjust. I reached in his crib and realized his legs were caught in the crib rails. I tried to pull them out but they WOULD NOT BUDGE. I call or Frank and he comes in and we had to turn on the light. At this point Ciaran wakes up and starts crying. Cormac is crying and I am crying because we can't get his legs out. Frank was just about to go get a saw when I said just pull the slats are hard as you can. Who cares if the crib breaks. His legs finally came out. Colin, God bless his tired soul, slept thru all of it and never woke up. We took Ciaran and COrmac into our room. They stayed up for about 1/2 hour and it was back to the cribs for the rest of the night. We bought a crib tent so it can never happen again. All three boys are tented. They look like little prisoners. But I would rather that then have another injury. Cormac is fine, just some bruises on his thighs.

Frank and I went out on Saturday night. A friend of ours hosts an annual party, Shepfest. It is held in January and is outdoors. Sounds crazy but it is so much fun. He has a huge bonfire to keep you warm. Heat lamps are set up. We had a blast and probably had too much to drink but who cares???

Well, it matters when your children who NEVER wake up at night suddenly decide to get up at 5 AM for the day when you only went to sleep at 2AM. Our little firecracker, Ciaran, decided to get up and just wanted to wander around the house. Countless attempts were made to wake his brothers but I wouldn't let him.

Here are some pics from Shepfest

All this comes when we finally decided we were going to bring the boys to church for the first time since their christening. Off we went, on our 3 hours sleep to mass. Believe it or not the boys were so well behaves. They were fascintated by the music and all the people. Cormac and COlin danced in my arms each time a song was sang. It was hilarious. I am so glad we took them and plan to take them each week.

Sunday afternoon Grandma and Uncle Cormac along with my Dad came over to watch some football and to eat dinner. It was a good time.

I am so tired today and the boys are exhausted. I put them down for a nap and am hoping it lasts about 3 hours. I might lay down myself.

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