Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just some random thoughts for today

I think I do more before 1pm (nap time) than the average person does in a day. I am really convinced. Let's take today for example, the boys were up by about 8. Change three diapers, go downstairs and make breakfast, clean up after breakfast, go back upstairs and dress all three (3 shirts, 3 pants, 6 socks, 6 sneakers, 3 coats and 3 hats) Carry them one at a time to the car because they can't yet be trusted not to run like maniacs into the street if I let them all out and walk. Strap 3 into their carseats. Drive to Target, get them all out and find the monster sized cart that holds three children. Strap them all into the cart. Get the few things I need and keep them entertained in the Target. Today, I bought them little light up easter eggs. It worked for a while. Leave target, get them all strapped into their seats and head to Costco. Unload them and restrap them into ANOTHER cart. Get what I need at Costco while trying to keep them happy. Normally, not a problem but Ciaran was in a grumpy mood and would not stop whining. Candy or as Cairan says "nandy" will quiet him down NO MATTER WHAT. Hmmm.... I wonder where he gets a sweet tooth from???? I am forced to buy a COSTCO size bag of candy just to give him a piece. It's probably about 4 pounds. Ok, we check out at Costco with of jumbo size diapers. Oh, I forgot to add that I have to answer at least 20 times "are they triplets?" and other questions by the inquiring public. This tends to slow us down in our travels. Now I leave Costco and strap them all back into their carseats, we drive home. Everyone walks into the house because I couldn't carry them. They run wild and play while I make lunch. They eat, upstairs to change three more diapers, everyone in cribs with the book they "HAVE" to have in thier crib. Blankets on and off to sleep.


ANother little tidbit. Colin has mastered opening the baby gates. I swear most adults cannot open these gates. That little bugger can do it one handed. We have the same gates at the top of the stairs going into the basement and going from the upstairs to the main floor. I am not too worried about them falling down the stairs because they have been going up and down the stairs for over 6 months and at this point they walk down holding the banister BUT this is my only source of confinement. Now I can' keep them trapped in the family room or play room. You know, once one sees the gate open it is a mad scramble to see who can get down the stairs first.

Cormac is graduating to the big class at Summit Speech School. We will now be attending on Wednesdays. He is really progessing so quickly. He tries to say every word he hears and I swear he understands every word you say to him. I realize this will always be a learning process for Cormac and us. Each day is a new opportunity and presents its own challenges. So far, he has met each challenge head on and I know he will continue to do so. I know life will not be as easy for Cormac. He will always have to make adjustments in certain situations. He will always be deaf which is a hard thing to accept as a parent. Not because it makes him any less perfect but because no one wants their child's life to be any more difficult than it already can be. I wonder what the future holds for him. I know anything is possible for him. If he was born years ago i believe his future would be a different future. We as parents try and make the best choices for our children. I strongly believe we made the right choice to implant Cormac and give him the opportunity to live in the hearing world. I know so much controversy exists between the deaf community and parents choosing implants for their children. I think it is sad the two sides can't work together for the greater good of these children who are being born in a time where technology exists to help our children hear. These children and parents put in a lot of hard work. It is not easy for any of them. They need to work harder to "listen" and it get tiring for their little brains. I wish more people understood how a Cochlear Implant works and not just think he gets it and it's over. It is years of daily hard work by both parents and the children. The results speak for themselves (literally).

All this said, I wouldn't want my life to change one bit. I love what I do every day. Some days, yes, it is exhausting and I wonder why I left the house. But most days it is so rewarding. The smiles and hugs and kisses well they make up for all the work. Hearing "mama, wuv you". What more could you ask for???

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