Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, March 17, 2008

What Didn't we do this weekend.

First, I'll start with an update on the car situation. The good news (well, I guess) is it is up and running. The bad news is it is up and running. I hate that damn mini van and thought this might be my chance to upgrade. But that clunker has decided to live on.... The gas guage is apparantly not working correctly.

Friday, Frank and I had plans to go to the Newark St Patrick's Day Parade (with no kids). My mom was supposed to watch the kids but came down with Strep Throat. Maggie was kind enough to skip the parade and watch Ciaran, Colin and Cormac. We were so happy to see so many family and friends. Not to mention consume some serious beer and not have to drive a car. (Strep throat and all my mom dropped us off and picked us up). Yep, at 36 years old my my dropped me off and picked me up from a bar. I didn't even make her drop me off around the corner. Frank and I were proud drinkers and didn't care!!!

Now, Frank and I like to think we can still party with the best of them. And, jeez, we sure can. BUT what I did notice is the recovery time is much longer than years ago. No hangovers but pure exhaustion. Took me to today to finally feel rested. But it was SOOO worth it.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early with the hooligans. We went to the zoo and joined for the year. It is somewhere we spend a lot of time. After the zoo in my exhausted state I drove to Staten Island to work on the new business. Frank stayed home with the boys.

Sunday we headed down to Maggie's because Aunt Juanita and Corinne are up from Texas. We can't miss an oppurtunity to see them. We had some dinner and Juanita's family was also there. Ciaran might have a new love named Jackie. She's an older women for him (I think she's 23?) but he has good taste! Jackie is Juanita's sister. But you know men, they can be fickle. Little Maggie showed up and he fell for her also. Now she is only 2 months younger than him. Cormac calls Juanita "nita" and they all call Corinne "In".

I love to see all the cousins together. Boy, have times changed in such a short time. Yesterday, there were six kids between 3 months and not even 2.

On a more serious note, please read the blog I copied below. It really hit home for me. This young baby has had such a rough start in life. He is currently in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Please say some prayers for Jack tonight. He can really use all the prayers we have to offer.

Hello from CHOP. For the first time since we’ve starting posting updates, I’m kind of at a loss for words. Up until this point I’ve felt like I could handle anything that is thrown our way. But the past few days have been harder than ever. I miss holding Jack and hearing him babble. I miss changing his diapers and watching him grab for toys. If I can take one good thing away from Jack being on the respirator, it’s a promise to me never to take anything in life for granted. I told Chad tonight that Jack is going to have to follow one rule for the rest of his life no matter where he is. Whether on a business trip, studying for exams, drinking with his friends during spring break, or on his honeymoon he must call his mother everyday! Because after he comes off this ventilator, there will not be another day in my life where I will go without hearing his voice. So all of you reading this right now – CALL YOUR MOTHERS! They want to hear from you.

Nothing much changed this weekend. Jack is still stable. Tomorrow he’s having another bone marrow biopsy done. Hopefully there won’t be any over active histiocytes taking up space. From there we wait for his counts to fully recover so he can finish fighting off the infection. (We started to see an ANC and a slight white count this morning which is a good sign that they are beginning to recover.) And plans for a spleen embolization will probably be decided on this week sometime. We’ll keep you updated.

Thanks again for your support, love and prayers. Keep praying !

Love, Kristy, Chad, and Jack

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