Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hearing Journey...

I am feeling like I have been neglecting one of the purposes of this site. It is supposed to document Cormac's hearing journey. As crazy as it sounds and with all we do sometimes it is hard to remember to document his accomplishments. I know, I know, sounds terrible but it isn't. It all just seems so normal to us at this point. He talks and he says things and he continues to progress along the same lines as Ciaran and Colin so sometimes it's hard to remember to "take notes". Each day I do marvel at the things that come out of his mouth. I am amazed at the words he understands. Here's a funny one. I have NO IDEA how he knows this. Cormac walks up to me and starts rubbing my shoulders like he is giving me a massage. (He's pretty darn good at it too!). He walks away and I say "Cormac, Mommy needs a massage". He comes right back and starts again. ???? Massage??? How the heck does he know that word? It's not like I am getting massages squeezed into my hectic schedule. But, none the less, he heard this word at some point and knows it.

I have to take some more videos of him talking. My girlfriend just said to me today. If I didn't see the magnets on his head I would have no idea he couldn't hear. I think that is the greatest compliment I can receive. I guess all the hard work he does is paying off. He says new words every day. He is also expanding the amount of words he puts together. He rarely says one word at a time any longer. It's "mommy, drive", "Olin's turn", "Ciaran, owie nose". He is still signing the words he knows but we haven't been signing any new words.

I think the hardest time I am having at the moment is the pool/ocean. The implants can't go in the water. At the pool on Saturday he had to be "off" the entire time. THis saddens me. I think he will miss out on things. Not to mention he can't hear me if there is something dangerous. A lot of people also talk to him and I have to explain he is deaf. I totally love the opportunity to explain to people he is deaf and hears with implants. I always love the chance to educate those around me. But then again, most of the time they can't tell because he reads lips SOOOOO well he could fool you. And he is able to answer without his implants on. At the moment it is probably harder on me because he doesn't seem to care. But I know in the future this will be an issue. He will want to hear when he is with his friends at the beach. Just keep you fingers crossed they can develop a waterproof implant quickly. Many parents have come up with ways to "waterproof" the implant but I haven't tried it yet. I think I might soon. It's not like he is swimming. MOstly just splashing and playing but you never know if he will fall down and soak himself and all that expensive equipment.

I am going to make an effort to focus more on Cormac's progress. I know years from now I will appreciate having a place to look back and remember.

On a side note, Colin and Ciaran say just about everything now. But I have noticed this between all three of them. They don't actually "talk" to each other. They will say "no, mine" or "my turn" but they don't have conversations. I guess they are a little to young to talk to each other. I can't imagine how cute it will be when they start having conversations. They do however, talk ABOUT each other. Colin is always quick to say "ree ree did it". Ciaran was crying today because he wanted "mickmack to play" and he couldn't at the time.

On a STRANGE note. We were at the park today. I was teaching my first Stroller Strides class. I just finished loading the boys into the van and was putting the stroller away. A woman says to me "do you have triplets?" I say yes, and continue to put the stroller in the back. She says "can I look at them?" I was a little taken aback. Did she think they were going to look different than other children? Did they have tails or horns??? I wasn't quite sure. It was a little weird I have to say.

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