Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Friday, June 20, 2008

My thoughts today

We are driving in the car and are driving past the firehouse. To the boys pure joy the firetruck was backing into the firehouse. In unison, the three start saying "ooo eee ooo eee" (the sound they make for a siren after a year of listening therapy for Cormac!!). Anyway, the fireman gets out of the truck in all his gear and Colin says "oooeee man instead of fireman! So cute. It cracked me up. He can say fireman but decided to call him oooeee man instead.

I think the question I get asked the most these days is "are they all yours?" Or it's at least second runner up to "are they triplets?" I always chuckle when someone asks me this question. Granted, I could be babysitting or have borrowed an extra from a neighbor but 99.9% of the time the boys are dressed in the same clothes so it would be a little strange to watch someone else's kid but make them dress him just like mine! A woman I met today in the park said she felt it was an "honor to meet me and my beautiful boys". One comment like that makes up for all the idiotic comments I usually get. Oh, and she also thought I was no older than 25!!! Did I say she might be my new best friend?????

I have planned a fun afternoon. We are going to have a waterballoon extravaganza in the yard. Which reminds me a a little story from this morning. I leave the park after doing my jog while pushing the kids. We headed to the dollar store, oh, what a treasure this place is for us. Ciaran picked out a horse, colin picked a motorcycle and Cormac a spider. There is only one problem with the dollar store. Not carts outside. they have the stupid pole on them so the carts stay in the store. Sounds nice for them but now presents the issue of getting the three of them across the parking lot without a stroller. (I only had the triple jogger and it doesn't fit thru most doors.) Our trip in was very successful. We all held hands and it went smoothly. Our return trip to the car carrying two bags of dollar treasures, holding three kids hands AND the nice man was kind of enough to give them a balloon a piece. You do the math..... I have two hands there are two bags, three kids and three balloons they want to hold and I KNOW ARE GOING TO GET BLOWN AWAY and cause many tears. I tie the balloons to my bag, hang the shopping bags off my wrist and at this point have to convince all three they are STILL HOLDING their balloon and I am not helping in any way. We must have been quite the spectecal. Luckily, everyone's listening ears were on and we made it to the car.

Frank has been working like crazy this whole week. It's feast or famine with the overtime so when it's available he can't pass it up. I have been flying solo all week with Frank making it home just before bedtime except for Wednesday. He missed the boys that day. Basically, I am doing 13 hour shifts alone! Today, I can tell they are missing Frank. He will be home by 7 so he will get some time with them tonight.

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