Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A wild weekend

My weekend started out by going to see Sex and the City on Friday night. All total it was seven ladies. We even drank some Cosmo's. The movie was great. I was pleasantly surprised. I watched Sex and The City but I wasn't some crazy fan. The theater was PACKED with women. I think two men were in the entire theater. (those poor men. I am sure their wives made them go!) It was the strangest phenomenon I have seen in a while. Droves of women in packs in a theater. It seemed like most of them don't get out much! I couldn't help but laugh. I mean, I have three two year olds and I still manage to socialize with people other than my two year olds! But it was also nice to see so many women out together to have a good time. I will say at the end all you saw were light from cell phone all over the theater. I am guessing everyone was calling to check on their kids and husbands. Or the husbands were calling to see when Mommy would be home!

We headed to Belmar to Grandma's house Saturday morning. We got a late start (remember I had cosmo's the night before!) Tommy, Juanita and Corinne were up from Texas. Ciaran, Colin and Cormac had been practicing for days to say Aunt Juanita, Uncle Tommy and Corinne. I think they did a stellar job! They just love Corinne and kissed her all weekend. Now onto the interesting Saturday night we experienced.

Juanita's sister, Jackie, asked us (tommy, frank, juanita and myself) to go out with her on Saturday night. She is on the lookout for a new girlfriend. Her and her girlfriend broke up a while ago. So, we agree to go to a gay club in Asbury Park. It was all about having some drinks and enjoying each other's company. We went to one place first and it was called "cruisin" (I think). Anyway, it was an all male bar. Except for a few women. We were enjoying our cocktails and haning out when out of NOWHERE two male strippers are behind the bar dancing. They were wearing practically NOTHING. One had a leapord print thong, the other little boy shorts. Ok, we were all a little freaked out by this but we found it amusing. Next thing you know, they are walking around ON THE BAR. Mr. leopard print thong (it was purple) squats behind Frank at the bar. Frank had his back to the bar so he didn't have to look! The guy taps Frank on the shoulder and says "hey, how are you?" Frank looks the guy in the face because if he didn't look him in the face he would have been looking directly at the purple thong and says "I'm good, how are you?" Frank slowly turns around toward me and Mr. Leopard print thong man realizes Frank isn't about to put money in his thong and walks away. At this point I am so hysterical at the whole situation I can barely contain myself. Of all the people for him to approach it was Frank. It literally took me an hour to recover!

We decide enough of the male bar and hit a club. We had a blast. We mostly listened to Cher. We were prewarned by Jackie we would hear alot of Cher at the club. I think we got home somewhere around 3 am. (Grandma was home with her 4 grandchildren) The boys were kind enough to sleep until almost 7. We went to the beach for a while. Played in the sand. We headed back up north and went to a BBQ at a friends house. Lot of fun jammed into one weekend.

My camera broke last weekend and I had to borrow my mom's but I can't download the pictures. If I figure it out I will post some. And for those who are wondering NO I don't have a picture of Frank and Mr Leopard print thong!

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