Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well today was quite the day. At least the first half. I had no sitter in the morning and was forced to take Ciaran and Colin with me to school with COrmac. They were very excited about the idea. But once we got there, not so much. Cormac, who never cries when I leave him in group, get hysterical. I guess because he saw me leaving with the other two.

Ciaran just kept repeating "cormac crying". I felt bad for all of them. We stayed with the parents for about 20 minutes but that was about their limit. There were a lot of parents today and I wish I could have stayed for the meeting. The search is on for a sitter for Wednesdays for 4 hours.(any takers???) Grandpa went to Florida for a couple of months and he is out sitter.

Colin melted down when we went back into group and saw Cormac. He wanted some yellow school bus and wouldn't stop crying until Miriam got it for him. I am sure Summit will be glad if they don't return! I was in a jam and hate for Cormac to miss his class. He loves going. The whole way there he names all the kids in his class. This week he was partial to Emer and kept saying "Emer school".

I come home soooo ready to plop the boys in their cribs for nap. But, of course, I walk into a disaster from Duke and Duchess. I can't even walk into the kitchen because the garbage is everywhere. I swear, some days I don't know why we have these stinkin' dogs. They really don't listen to anything. I can't walk them on a leash because they are too wild. They eat garbage and dirty diapers any chance they get. Three toddlers are less destructive than those two. But, we did have them first. My next dog is going to be little!

Now I can predict Frank will be working late because any day I REALLY would like him home, he has to work late.

The rest of the day was OK. We went to feed the ducks at the park. We saw a ton of fish swimming in the lake and they even at some of the crackers for the ducks. This was just pure heaven for the boys. I jogged a couple miles with the boys in the stroller.

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