Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, July 28, 2008

"Daddy can do it!"

I headed out last night to see Daniel's last baseball game of the season. It started at 7 so it was too late to bring the boys with me. As I was leaving the house I heard some screaming. Colin and Ciaran were both standing in the giant bay window hysterically crying and yelling "no, mommy, no leave!" You would think I was leaving them to be tortured. Good God, they were going nuts. Luckily, I called Frank and they settled down pretty quicly after I left. The last thing I saw was Frank scoop them both up and walk away with two screaming kids.

I was curious to see how the night would turn out. If I'm not home will they still say "mommy do it"? Or will it be forgotten because I am out of the equation? I am hoping it will be forgotten and it's only something they will do when I am home.

Well they all went to sleep for Frank. No, Mommy do it. Apparently, Daddy can do it! All was quiet on the homefront until 6:45am. That's a good thing in this house.

Here's a funny one for you. I was getting dressed to run the kids to the mall to the play area before dinner. I was talking to the boys and said "ok, Mommy's just going to throw on her jeans and we'll go." To that, Ciaran turns around and says "no, jeans, Mommy, no, jeans." I say "well I have to wear something" And he grabs a red and blue sundress I wearing on Sunday and says "Mommy, you wear a dress, not jeans!" Lord only knows what was going on in his head. But he didn't want me in jeans that's for sure!

We continue to make progess in our speech. Each day the boys just are talking more and more. Sometimes I have no clue what the heck they are saying but it gets clearer and clearer as each day passes. Cormac continues to progess beautifully. He's so funny now. He is so much more of a loner than his brothers. He loves to play with them but sometimes just needs to do his own thing. He is also starting to catch on he can blame another brother for his not so kind acts. This all started with Colin. No matter what happened Colin would say "ree ree did it". He was so quick to blame Ciaran. Now they just choose whatever name comes to mind and say he did it!

Some days I feel we are really moving ahead with the things I can do with them alone. I really do most things with them but certain things are just not possible. When it comes to their safety I will not risk it. Even if some people think I am over reacting. But I will not bring 3 two year olds to the pool by myself. I will not bring three two year olds to a park to play that does not have an eclosed area. Call me crazy but if they all went off in different directions I would be screwed.

This leads to my next topic. Are me children being deprived of things the average singleton baby does because they are triplets? Are they some day going to think they wish they were able to do these things. I am hoping they are too young to remember and it's just my mommy guilt. But I see so many moms walking around with two year olds. They just are out and about. No stroller. But how can I do this safely? They are getting so much better with understanding they need to stay with me but I am so afraid to take the chance. I think that is partly why they tend to run when they get out. They are just not used to freedom. Trust me, they get tons of freedom. I spend my time making sure I take them places where they can run free with just me. I have found some great spots. Brookdale Park is awesome. Their toddler play area is completly enclosed and the boys love it. I can actually sit down and watch them play. The play area at the mall is another great spot. I was just old about another park in Caldwell I am going to check out. I try to make their lives as normal as possible. They go everywhere with me. We have graduated to walking from the car to the carts at the grocery store or Target. We have done the zoo with no stroller when Frank was with us. I think it will just take some practice and of course, as they get older they will understand more.

So, even though we didn't make the pool much this summer I am trying not to feel to guilty. We did make the beach quite a bit. Next summer will be an entirely different experience. I think the pool and beach will be fine all by myself.

I spent the past hour researching places to take them once the summer ends and we need indoor activities. It's looking like library story time, music class and some sports class!

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