Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Lil' Tees

Most of you know I have started a children's clothing company,, with Nadine. It has been a long process and so far we haven't done too much marketing. Our goal is to have it sold in boutiques across the country. For now, we would settle for New Jersey and New York!

I spent some time today going out to boutiques in the area. Well, don't you know, on my FIRST day of marketing to boutiques we have a boutique who wants to sell our shirts? I am so excited and thrilled.

I was a little nervous about meeting with the stores. I don't have any experience with direct sales. But as Nadine put it, "you believe in the product so you can sell it". That coming from a very talented sales person!

I am hoping this is the beginning of a wonderful journey. Nadine and I have wanted nothing else since we became friends then to start a business together. Our personalities are quite different but I think that is why we make a great team.

I plan to head out once a week to new boutiques. If you are reading this and you know anyone who would be interested in wholesaling our clothing. Please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to take some of the pressure off of Frank. He is such a great provider for our whole family and works hard and long hours for me to be home with the boys. Wouldn't it be nice to such a comfort to him to know I can help. Not that he wants me to but he is rooting for our business to be a smashing success.

Now for the three amigos. They were crazy as usual today. Cormac had therapy with Joan. She did something I never saw her to before and it was great to see. She had cards with rhyming words and put them out. She would say one of the words and Cormac had to choose the correct picture. Obviously, he is too young to know rhyming words she wanted to make sure he was listening to entire words and not just the vowel sounds (like he used to). For example, Moose and Goose. He did really well with all of them. I think he got stumped on Cat and Hat. Not that he doesn't know the difference between the two but that he has to pay attention to the "c" or "H" sound. I was mighty impressed with how well he did. I would never have thought to do an exercise like that. That's why I love Joan. She just knows what to do and has wonderful ideas.

Colin seemed to recover from whatever the hell was wrong with him yesteday and didn't have any freak outs. Thank God, it was just a day and not the beginning of a new trend. That I don't know if I could deal with on a daily basis.

Ciaran, well, he's just Ciaran. He is quite the little monkey and told me he "has the runs". And he wasn't kidding.
RIght now as I type this Colin is walking around in a yellow fireman jacket and to go with it??? My brown patent leather heals. Quite the look if I might say.

Speaking of the fireman jackets, my mom picked them up for the boys. They are so adorable and just loved them. Here's a pic of them wearing them. Mind you, it was almost 100 degrees today and we did have our central air on but let me tell you, they were sweating under those things. Colin wanted to sleep in his but I had to tell him no.

Here they are: I know they are my kids but are they cute or what???

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john said...

Hi Frank, I don't know if you remember me, John Kaufman but I certainly remember you. You played soccer with my son Christian and I coached against your Dad many moons ago. Your sons are beautiful and I'm sure you and your wife are very proud. Nice Irish names too. My 4 sons are doing well. Christian is a chiropractor and has a practice in Lyndhurst, John has a doctorate in Physical Therapy and works in Wayne but is thinking of starting his own business, Luke is in Finance in NYC with TD Banking and Keith is Branch Manager of Manhatten with Pesnke Trucking. If you ever need help from the Kaufman clan don't hesitate to ask. I met your Aunt in Lyndhurst at the dog park and she filled me in on the Lawrence and O'lahan clans. Congrats and God Bless.
Happy Thanksgiving