Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, July 21, 2008

We headed down to Maggie's on Friday morning. She was working so me and the boys met up with Uncle Bill and Aunt Lee on the beach. It was a beautiful beach day. The boys had so much fun walking along the beach and finding different shells and creatures in water. None of the them were too into the ocean at first even though they have been there before. By the end of the day Colin was dumping buckets of ocean water over his head, Cormac was going in and letting the water rush up onto him. Ciaran never really went in. He would only get his feet wet. They are fascinated with seagulls. They can't seem to understand the more they chase them the more the seagulls will fly away!

We went to Strollo's for ice cream.


Colin was a little messy

We stayed over and had a blast on Saturday. Frank wasn't with us because he was home working on the basement. You know, the basement we have been finishing forever. It was supposed to be done by last winter but he swears it will be ready this winter. I am not so sure yet...

Maggie got a baby pool for the back yard and they loved it. Even Raven enjoyed the pool. She really just wanted to take the toys out and play with them but she kept climbing in and out. We wound up not coming home until Saturday night at bed time.


Colin Ciaran and Raven



Sunday we had a Christening. I got ready while the boys napped. Probably for the first time in a long time I actually blew my hair dry and fixed it. When I went to take Ciaran out of his crib he said "Mommy, comb your hair" and he wouldn't come near me. He kept repeating it. Finally, I pulled my hair back in a pony and he said "Ok, Mommy, you combed hair. Is that hilarious?? He is so used to seeing me with my hair pulled back he didn't even want to come near me! Strange little boy.

Each night when I put the boys to bed I always sing a little song. VEry simple but I don't know how to give you all the tune so you will understand. But the words are: Good night Cormac, Good night Colin, Goodnight Ciaran, It's time to go to sleep. We put in different names. (Mommy, Daddy, Duke, Duchess, Jerry (as in Jerry Garcia), Freddy (our new fish). Well, last night for the first time I put Cormac in his crib and he started singing on his own! He sang "goodnight, Colin!" I actually started to cry. He was dancing side to side singing the goodnight song.

It will be one year on July 23rd Cormac has been hearing. I hope to upload a bunch of new videos to show his progress. I, of course, need to take some new videos because every day his speech just improves and gets clearer. I really can understand everything he says at this point. Just amazing!

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