Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, July 21, 2008

CANNED CHICKEN (It's so hard to title these posts!)

I totally forgot to post this yesterday. On our drive home from the beach I hooked up our new portable DVD player in the car. It is only the second time we have ever used it. I don't want to start the habit of watching DVD's in the car. They barely watch TV at home, no need for the car. Anyway, we were pretty close to home and they were watch a Sesame Street DVD. I realize I hear Cormac saying something over an over again. When I finally paid attention he was saying "Mommy, ears, Mommy ears". His magnets had come off in the car and he was trying so hard by himself to put them back. He is just not able to do it yet. I have trouble sometimes finding the correct spot. He was so upset and frustrated. I started getting upset because this is really the first time he has ever gotten upset and asked for them to be put back on. What did I do? I pulled over on 280w and happily put them back on. I heard not another peep the rest of the way home (except Elmo and Big Bird)!

Ok, I think I have mentioned that Frank is finishing our basement. It was supposed to be done by last winter. That didn't work out. Tonight we have LIGHTS!!!! Yep, the overhead lighting is working. He did a wonderful job even though it took him forever. There is still much to do but man, seeing lights is real progress. Next step, heat!

On to today's title. We went to Costco and they were giving out samples of canned chicken (like Tuna) on crackers. It was mixed with mayo. I never thought in a million years the kids would eat it. I figure why not try at least. DOn't you know they frigin' loved it??? Ciaran who is the pickiest couldn't get enough. I wound up buy it and figure i will probably regret it in the long run because they will change their minds. This would be life changing for me. Lunch of just crackers and chicken salad??? It's portable. It's simple. It's not too messy. Could it really be??

I put the to the test and gave it to them for lunch on whole wheat crackers. WOOOHOOOO!!! They ate it. Of course, this could all change in an instant but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I hate mayo and would never think to serve it to them but I guess they like it. I think I will try tuna next. Keep you fingers crossed.

Man, the things that excite me lately are pretty lame. I swear, I am not that boring but being home all day with three two year olds can make you appreciate the little things!

It's off to school for Cormac tomorrow. My mom's will be sitting so I am hoping Cormac has a better day than last week. I think his brothers being at school really through them off.

Oh, I nearly forgot. On Mother's Day this year I took part in a Mother's Day Photo Shoot. THe photographer donated his time and all you did was make a donation to Susan Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer. I was so psyched to be part of the shoot because it is limited to the amount of people. I am sure I posted what a disaster it was that day. Colin puked all over himself in the parking lot of the studio. I had to clean him up and make him look half presentable. They all got freaked out when I tried to take them into the studio. It was dark and small. THey refused to go inside. They really were not acting like themselves that day. Wound up all three had the stomach flu that eventually passed thru our entire family. It was NOT A 24 HOUR BUG. It lasted for days and the adults that had it couldn't even function so I cannot imagine how the boys felt.

All that to say, the photographer finally loaded the pictures for viewing. He has been sick and in the hospital. He eventually took some shots outside on the street because it was our only choice. I have the option of purchasing prints. If you had to choose which would you buy??? Please leave your opinions in the comments.

Click here to view the photos.

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