Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Dukie Boy is sad...

he miss Duchess" Out of the mouths of babes. That is what Colin said to me yesterday. Nearly broke my heart but it could not be a truer statement. Duke is totally depressed. At night he lays on the couch and every once and a while will just whimper. His eyes look so sad. I am hoping he bounces back.

The boys now know Duchess is not coming back. I told them she went to doggie heaven and is running and playing with lots of toys. They seemed OK with that explanation. I guess they are so young they really don't know the difference. I am thankful for them not really gettting it.

Let's see. What else have we been up to:

Cormac is getting his implants upgraded. (only the outside processors, no surgery required. THis has been a question) Currently, he wears a body word processor. I sew two pockets on the back of all his onesies and the processors are in the pockets. It's a little cumbersome for him but when he was fist implanted it was the only logical choice. The behind the ear option was just too large for his little ears. Recently, he has decided he doesn't want to wear a oneise. He gets all upset when you try and put it on especially after a bath when his brothers are running around with just a diaper. He wants to hear, but not the shirt. SO, we are going to be getting him BTE's (behind the ears). I am hoping he doesn't hate having something behind his ears. Hopefull, the connection will be made quickly and he will know he can't hear without his new "ears".

Of course, with any new adventure comes anxiety for me. I never was worried about him losing his body worn processors. They were in pockets in his shirt. Now, they are exposed. He can reach them. He can throw them. He can do whatever he pleases with them. This terrifies me. A two year old walking around with $10,000 worth of equipment is insane. But this is our reality. I am hoping we can get to NYU quickly to get them mapped. He can't wear them until they are mapped.

I am a reader of a blog called Confessions of a CF Husband. I have followed their story for months. It's been an amazing journey this family has been on. He blogged about a site called Squiddo. They are having a contest and giving away $80,000 to charity. Click here to visit the site and take your pick of charities. I chose the March of Dimes for three very beautiful obvious reasons. I figure it can't hurt to give publicity to a worthy cause. You don't need to register or join. Just place your vote.

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LMG said...

So sorry about Duchess. I like your blog - you're much better with putting pictures up. Lydia

PS: Found a counter for my blog and managed to install it. Thanks for getting me moving, I've wanted to do it since I started.