Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cormac's big day...

We headed to NYU to have Cormac's new processors mapped. He was very excited in the car. Love riding in Frank's car. Daddy sat in the back with him.

He talked the entire way into the city. That's me and Cormac on the way to NYU.
He was happy as a clam in the waiting area. Played, ran, talked, pretended to be a lion and sang. You gotta hear this one:

But it was getting closer and closer to nap time. Bad timing on our part but we don't really have much control over the time of our appointments. We wanted this appointment ASAP because we were excited to get him his new "ears". He was fine at first. Playing and talking with Rose and Carie. He let us put the BTE's (behind the ears) on for a while. As time went by and exhaustion set in he started not wanting them on. He kept pulling them off. I was prepared for him to put up some resistance. (Ok, I was secretly hoping he wouldn't even notice)

I am hoping with the tiredness and crankiness came the resistance. He did leave them on for a while when bribed with some treats. For the first time in a LONG time he drove in the car in silence. He melted down so bad he could not regain control no matter what we tried. BUT he also couldn't hear us talking to him. He finally passed out COLD in the car for some of the ride. I transferred him to his crib and he is out for the count.

I plan to let him sleep for as long as he wants and start over again. I keep thinking once he realizes he no longer has to wear a shirt and can still hear it will make a big difference. Maybe I will let him run around naked (well, a diaper) to show him he can hear without wearing his onesie. I told him he could pick out a toy so we plan to go to Target tonight to let him choose a toy. (now, you know I will have to buy three because Ciaran and Colin won't understand.

Ok, so things are looking up! After his nap he let me put his ears on. He wasn't too upset. THe whole family headed to Target to pick out his (their) special presents. On the way we watched an Elmo DVD in the car and Cormac told Frank "Daddy, I can hear it with my new implants" and was pointing to his ears. He kept them on the entire time and never even tried to get them off.

Here he is all smiles showing off his new truck.

And of course, Ciaran and Colin got a new toy as well

At the end of the night I let him run around in his diaper with no shirt on to show him he didn't need it anymore since he got his "big boy ears". He proceeed to get naked and sing and dance the hokey pokey while only wearing red socks. Of course, you won't be seeing video of the nudist!

Anyway, I let him throw out his onesie so he never has to wear it again!!

Here he is ditching it in the garbage!

I guess it could have been better and could have been worse. He seemed fine tonight. Hopefully, tomorrow will go smoothly.

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